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Ethan uses a combination of story structure techniques from his various studies to analyze the framework of what has been written. For example, the dialogue and scene analysis approaches to text stem from Practical Aesthetics acting theory. You will find that a consultant with a strong background in - not only writing - but filmmaking, editing, and acting is your best possible writing partner.

"The services I provide are designed to organize our relationship in the writing process. Beyond those descriptions is the care with which your story will be handled. While I am given the honor of being your consultant, your story will be treated with the highest respect. However, you should be ready for honest feedback!" - Ethan


  • Short film scripts are defined as less than 40 pages.

  • Turnaround times depend on length of script and amount of material. There are options to speed up the process for an extra fee.


Broad strokes feedback on the script

This is the best way to determine if I am the right fit for your consultation needs. The report will include strengths, weaknesses, and a recommendation of whether we should proceed into a more extensive relationship.

2 - 5 day turnaround.


Feature-length script



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Report includes adjustments and a guide for the rewrite

This 4 - 6 page report can be used guide for problem-solving and enhancements.

1 - 1.5 week turnaround.





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Margin notes and an extensive report

This service includes a

5 - 10 page conceptual report. Then, notes are applied directly to the screenplay document. Scene analysis, dialogue edits, scene transitions, cuts of possible entire sections, and any enhancements to character, and polishing will be made. 

3 - 4 week turnaround.


Feature-length script



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ONE SHEET for your show


ONE SHEET for your movie

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